We would like to share with you the same delicacies that our farmers bring to their own tables. Quality, simplicity, and tradition are the principles we grew up with, and that will accompany you in this gastronomic experience of sheer pleasure. We aim to make you discover the most authentic pleasure of conviviality through a selection of the best Italian artisan products.
Take the time to fully enjoy the delicate nuances of the taste of our lands.

Breathe the same peace that reigns on the slopes of the Sibillini Mountains, and bring to your table all the good things of the Italian countryside, even in the heart of Hong Kong. You will experience the same satisfaction as our farmers, when they catch the first golden ear of wheat or when they pour the first glass of wine on the table after the harvest.

We know our suppliers well, guardians of a knowledge handed down from generation to generation, masters of authenticity who have grown up in the same fields that they now work in with dedication. We personally select the products we offer you, and we choose only authentic and genuine foods, with no modifications or GMO substances. We guarantee the traceability of each product, following each stage of its production.
Starting from the wheat fields, the rows of olive trees, the vineyards and the cultivation of saffron, and ending with a selection of simple and excellent products.

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