Italian Foodie Corner is a well-known Hong Kong food delivery platform that acts as a bridge between Italian farmers and customers in Hong Kong.

Everyone loves good and healthy food, so promoting Italian Foodie Corner won’t be that difficult even for new affiliate marketers. The payment will be calculated on a CPA basis (Cost Per Action; you will get paid for every sale). You can check out the detailed program information shared below.

How does the system work?

  • Sales will be tracked from links or Coupon used.
  • Customer will keep affiliate code FOREVER. Every order from the customer will give you a commission FOREVER.
  • Publishers may not use the Italian Foodie Corner name or any of its variations in pop-ups.
  • Publishers may not promote Italian Foodie Corner in any sexually explicit materials, violent materials or any illegal activities.
  • Any kind of political, controversial and disastrous information, video, and hashtag should not be used for the promotion of the brand.

Key Facts and numbers

  • Earn 5% on EVERY ORDER
  • Earn a commission every time your friends make an order
  • Tracking coupon available
  • Cookie lifetime: 6 months
  • Sale Validation: 45 days after receipt of order
  • The program is open also for wholesale distributor (please send us an email for dedicated conditions)

When you will get paid?

You will get paid on a monthly basis when you reach a 200HK$ (25US$).

How you will get paid?

You will get paid via bank transfer or other payment gateway.

Who is a referrer or an affiliate?

A referrer or an affiliate is any person who has registered to our referral Program to promote our products. All referrers receive their own unique Identification Number code that they can share with the others to earn a commission as cash.

How it works?

When you register to Italian Foodie Corner, we will review manually your application and shortly your Affiliate account will be approved.

You will receive a confirmation email with the link to login.

In your Affiliate Dashboard you will find statistics, your real time earning, your Affiliate Code (Referral code) and several other tools include a link generator to generate link that include already your Affiliate Code.

How Affiliate Code works?

Affiliate code is a number (ie. 28). You can give this number to your friends and ask them to use it at the checkout. If they do, from now on, you will get a 5% commission every time they but something. Yes, EVERY TIME!

How Link Generators works?

In your Affiliate Dashboard you can find a tool where you can paste any link to Italian Foodie Corner product (or page) and it will append your Affiliate Code. Get that link and share with your friends or in social media. If they click on the link and go to buy something on Italian Foodie Corner online shop, you will get a 5% commission every time; in the future also!

To work with links is the smartest way! There is no Affiliate Code to apply on the checkout. The link already include that already.

Example: are you in a Facebook group for wine lovers? So do in this way:

  • get the link (URL) of a wine on Italian Foodie Corner website
  • into Affiliate Dashboard generate your link
  • copy and paste it into the Facebook group
  • get money!

I’m a beginner, how can I start?

Your experience in affiliate marketing is not important. Do you know someone who loves italian food? So you can start to get money quickly!

Apply to the program by clicking on the red button above. Get your referal links or dedicated code.

Spread the word … and get paid!

An affiliate expert is ready to support you with content di amazin ideas!

Any doubt? Send an email at