Either 2 or 200 we are able to serve the requested number of people. No matter! The menu will taste great with our genuine ingredients masterfully cooked and prepared with passion and love.

We are proud to serves a delectable Italian cuisine using premium ingredients to create authentic Italian flavours.

But not only. We can offer an exclusive dining experience, throughout art, music and more that guests are invited to wander and explore.

Masterchef Marco Maggio will feature throughout a sumptuous culinary journey. 

Chef Marco’s approach to cooking is to explore what it is possible to do with food and the experience of eating. His aim: create a new modern, fusion and revised traditional recipes with wine tasting to gather every people; experience the regional and authentic Italian cooking or any other cuisine tailor made with using simple but high quality import ingredients to make you a memorable meal.  To know more about: www.sdmculinary.com 

Should you need more info and/or book for a dinner or a party, feel free to contact me.


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