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Liza Chan, graduated with a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics degree from the University of Sydney in 2003, is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (DAA) and Sports Dietitian (SDA). She also graduated from Dip of Sports nutrition with the Olympic Committee. Liza teaches for HKU-SPACE and Hong Kong Community College on a part-time basis. She specializes in weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular wellness, pre and post natal (pregnancy), and nutrition for athletic performance.

Liza believes in the importance of health and wellness in developing a healthy lifestyle and focuses on educating, motivating and working with her clients to achieve their goals. She thinks that many people nowadays are very aware of the importance of food in relation to health. People in general are more health conscious and make better food choices. Liza says:: “Diet is about how we choose food so that it can provide enough energy and nutrients for our body to function its optimum. Let it be weight loss, weight gain, diet for diseases, the “diet” shouldn’t be so hard that you can not last for a long time. I believe in education, in a world full of information (right and wrong), people may often get misguided and have the wrong concept in terms of food. It is my role as a dietitian to teach people the right concepts using reliable scientific researches. Diet and exercise come hand in hand. We need to eat the right nutrition to obtain optimal health and sports performance. For whatever health and body shape goals you have, it is important to always choose the balanced diet and exercise”.

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