On the table of a farmer from the Marche region you cannot fail to find a good olive oil, must be strictly extra virgin olive oil, perhaps produced with the same olive trees of their country house.

Extra Virgin Olive oil is one of the most famous products of the Marche region and, more generally, of Italy. This typical condiment of the Mediterranean diet comes from centuries-old olive trees, fertile hilly soils and a climate that takes care of the perfect ripening of the olives. On one hand the mountain winds, on the other the sea breezes caress the rows, permitting an ideal ripening of their fruits, which develop incredibly different aromas depending on their variety.

The skillful agronomic and pressing techniques, combined with the passion of the farmers who hand-pick each olive, guarantee an authentic and rich taste, as well as a quality that combines simplicity with tradition. From the harvesting phase to the pressing phase in the oil mill, the olive is preserved so as to obtain a final product capable of enhancing its original characteristics.

Thanks to the selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Italian Foodie Corner you can bring to your table the ancient scent of the olive trees of the hills of the Marche region, as well as the feeling of the delicate and pleasant wind that blows through them.

Get ready to taste the deliciousness and distinctiveness of this simple condiment, the beating heart of the most authentic Italian tradition.


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