Welcome to Italian Foodie Corner!

Thank you for your trust in our products.

We pride ourselves on the effort and time we invest in researching the highest quality food all around Italy. Our work, however, does not stop when we find valuable products. In fact, we establish a bond of trust with our producers, whose values need to align with ours: research, authenticity and community.

Let me tell you the story of our search for authentic food to bring to your table in Hong Kong:




On-site research

Step 1: Our team in Italy identifies the highest quality foods and, whenever possible, visits the production sites and meets the producers personally.

Authenticity check

Step 2: We then make sure that the producers’ values are aligned with ours to guarantee the traceability and safety of every product.

Community & storytelling

Step 3: It is now time to share the stories of these incredible products and the people behind the brands with our international friends.

Thanks to this thorough work in 3 steps, Italian Foodie Corner acts as a bridge between Italian farmers, masters of authenticity, and our customers in Hong Kong.

The products and producers that pass our research phase and authenticity check are awarded our very own seal of approval. This seal is a symbol of their efforts in guaranteeing quality, traceability and excellence.