Vast fields of golden wheat caressed by the wind and warmed by the sun, lying on the hills of Marche. A fertile and generous land, which has guarded its secrets for hundreds of years, without ever losing the authenticity of our rural traditions.

This culture of hard work and passion gave birth to the first family-run pasta factories in Italy. And from the history of our territory were born some jewels of the artisan production of pasta, a food that has made Italy famous in every corner of the world.

We have selected for you some of the best types of pasta from the Marche region, to guarantee you only healthy, tasty products that respect the most authentic traditions.

For you, Italian Foodie Corner has collected a delicious collection of pasta shapes to help you fully appreciate the diversity of flavors, from classic flours to ancient and whole grains, all organic and genuine. We know this already, you will also fall in love with our selection of egg pasta, made with fresh eggs. And each time you open a package of pasta, the porosity and consistency of our products will tell you right away all the quality of the products we have chosen for you. The first courses will find again a delicate and intense taste, as the farming tradition requires.