Ingredients: (per 1 serving)


Cut the bottarga into thin slices, keeping aside a small piece which will be grated fresh as a garnish for the dish. Aside from chopping garlic, chilli and herbs.

Heat a non-stick pan with Lemon Cartechini Oil, chopped herbs, chilli pepper and bottarga.

When the bottarga starts to fry, blend with a glass of prosecco, evaporate the alcohol and add the fish broth. Turn off the flame

Apart boiling the Fiordimonte spaghetti in previously salted water.

Drain the spaghetti and finish cooking in the pan for the last 2 minutes indicated on the package.This way the pasta will absorb all the liquids, flavors and aromas of the sauce, reaching a creamy consistency thanks to the starches it gives.

When cooked, stir in a spoonful of Cartechini lemon oil

Serve the spaghetti and finish with a grated fresh bottarga on top.


Chef Lorenzo Prandi

Lorenzo Prandi, was born and raised in Carpi, Province of Modena in Emilia Romagna, the region not only famous for being the capital of the best Italian sport cars and motorbikes as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ducati, but considered by many to be the gastronomical and culinary heart of Italy.

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