Imagine walking through the fields of ancient and luxuriant vines, whose colours and scents change according to the rhythm of nature. Imagine passionate and expert farmers who, as the seasons go by, lovingly care for every twig of vine and every grain of grape that embellishes the enchanting hills of Marche.

On this land, the unmistakable sweet scent of ripe grapes meets the centuries-old Italian food and wine tradition that transforms that grape into the nectar of the Gods. The same intense perfume passes from the vines to bottles, ready to be poured and tasted, maybe in the company of a delicious dish of pasta.

From Maceratino to Montepulciano, from Sangiovese to Chardonnay, many varieties exist, and a love that has never been lost over the years. For centuries our lands have been writing the history of Italian winemaking, a history handed down by generations of passionate farmers and winemakers. This is how our territory renews itself and grows without ever altering its most original characteristics, the same characteristics that you can savour in your glass today.

Maceratino is a native white grape variety of central Italy. This exclusive vine has been cultivated for centuries in the Marche area, in particular, in the Macerata area (from which the name derives) and in the neighbouring areas of Ancona and Ascoli Piceno, where it contributes as a fundamental vine in the production of Bianco Piceno and Colli Maceratesi DOC wines. It probably belongs to the group of Greeks, ancient vines imported into Italy by the first settlers of Magna Graecia. Its presence is increasingly rare, even in its area of origin, most likely because of the competition with Verdicchio, whose production has higher oenological characteristics at lower costs, such as to obscure even more noble vines.

In this section you will find a careful selection of wineries that are representative of this tradition. You will feel all the variety of our territory, the rich flavours of the undergrowth in Fall and the delicate ones of its orchards in Spring, the pleasure of the ripe grapes and the surprise of the younger ones, from the first drop of wine in contact with your palate.